OpenAI Big Move: Sam Altman Plan to Revolutionize AI Chips

In a strategic move to challenge NVIDIA’s stronghold in the AI chip domain, OpenAI’s Sam Altman is reportedly intensifying efforts to secure significant investments for the creation of an expansive network of chip fabrication plants.

OpenAI Big Move: Sam Altman Plan to Revolutionize AI Chips

Altman’s initial attempt to raise funds in the Middle East in November 2023 hinted at disrupting the status quo in AI chip technology, aiming for both cost-effectiveness and reduced chip acquisition expenses for OpenAI.

Building upon these reports, Bloomberg has provided further insights, revealing Altman’s current focus on establishing dedicated fabrication units through substantial funding from global investors, including prominent entities such as Abu Dhabi’s G42 and Japan’s SoftBank.

Altman is actively engaging with top chip manufacturers, possibly referring to industry giants like TSMC and Samsung, though details of these discussions remain in the early stages.

To build advanced chip fabrication plants, substantial resources are required. As a result of this approach, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are taking a very different approach from the other big tech firms that design their own AI chips in-house, and then outsource their manufacturing process to third parties.

The ambitious scope of Altman’s undertaking is highlighted by the fact that he is negotiating for an unprecedented $8 billion to $10 billion in funding from Abu Dhabi’s G42 company alone.

However, there is a possibility that complications could arise in the future. It might be in the best interests of the fund’s viability to make sure that the alleged links between Abu Dhabi’s G42 AI-focused fund and blacklisted Chinese entities like Huawei and Beijing Genomics Institute, which have been recently scrutinized by certain members of Congress, do not affect its viability.

At the same time, as of late December, OpenAI reported that it is expected to earn $1.6 billion in annual revenue in 2023.

It is Altman’s vision for OpenAI to become the world’s most dominant AI chip provider that has raised fresh funding at a valuation of over $100 billion.

This is truly a bold move into a highly competitive market, one where innovation and partnerships play an increasingly crucial role in determining AI’s course.

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