There has been a recall in the United States of 230 units of the Nissan Sentra 2022 as a result of a seal problem.

The driver-side cowl seal of the affected Sentra models is missing or improper.

It is possible for the driver's side floor to become wet following heavy rain through the cowl

Area On The Left Front Of The Vehicle. Electrical components are at greater risk of corrosion when exposed to water.

There can be electrical short circuits and thermal damage caused by corrosion in the connector

Connecting The Main Body Harness To The Engine Room Harness. Various components may become inoperative as a

Result Of A Short Circuit, Including The Washer Motor, VDC, Tail Lamps, Hazard Lights, Reverse Lights, And Air Bags.

In total, there are 230 Nissan Sentra models that have been recalled between September 21, 2022, and September 27, 2022.

The recall was notified to Nissan dealerships on June 14, 2023. The recall will be announced

To Owners Starting On July 26, 2023. To prevent moisture or corrosion from entering the engine room harness connector, the

Dealer Will Reseal The Driver's Side Cowl Seal And Inspect The Main Body Harness To The Engine Room Harness Connector.

We will replace if necessary the main harness as well as the engine room harness.