It has recently been published online that the order guide for the 2024 Corvette has been released and

We Can Expect A Few Updates And Changes. With the addition of Riptide Metallic Blue, Cacti, and Sea Wolf to the

Corvette's Color Palette, Chevrolet Has Expanded Its Offerings To Include Some New Colors That Were Not

Available In Previous Model Years. During The First Quarter Of 2024, Chevrolet Equinox Will Be The First Vehicle To

Showcase One Of Those New Colors To Replace Elkhart Lake Blue. The Cactus Color For The 2024 Chevy Trax Matches The

Ocean Wolf Color For The Corvette E-Ray, And Sea Wolf Is A Darker Shade Of Green That Matches The Black

Color Of The 2024 Chevy Trax. There is a new Tech Bronze Accent Package with Tech Bronze wheels coming to the

Stingray And Z06 Models Later This Year. Among the other additions to this package are a pair of Dark Stealth Crossflags, a Jake

Hood Graphic With Tech Bronze Accents, As Well As A Pair Of Carbon Flash Metallic / Tech Bronze Hash Stripes.

A new set of 15-spoke wheels with a polished finish and a set of two new 2024 Corvette Stingray spoilers will be available to

Purchasers, Along With The Possibility Of Adding A Visible Carbon Fiber Finish On The Spoiler And The New Set Of Two-Stanchion Spoiler

The price details for the 2024 Corvette will be released by Chevrolet next week as well as an online

Configurator Tool That Will Enable You To Customize The Updated Model Online During That Time As Well.