There are two types of Ferrari sports cars: a racing car and a road-going Ferrari sports car. Ferrari introduces

The SF90 XX, An Extremely High-Performance Vehicle That Is Street-Legal. Plug-in hybrid powertrains on the

SF90 XX Include A Twin-Turbocharged V-8 Engine And Three Electric Motors. Maximum power of 786 horsepower is

Generated By The Electric Motors, And 1016 Horsepower Is Generated If The Extra Boost Function Is Selected.

As soon as you round a curve, the Extra Boost feature, which is only available in the Qualify drive mode,

Accelerates You Rapidly. A single charge of the battery provides the SF90 XX with a range of

Approximately Nine Kilometers. A dual-clutch gearbox with eight speeds and a growling exhaust note is one of the

Highlights Of The New Model. In Ferrari's SF90 XX, 0 to 62 mph is claimed to take 2.3 seconds.

As a result of aerodynamic upgrades, the SF90 XX features an active rear spoiler in addition to a fixed rear wing.

Through the front radiators, hot air is directed over the roof via the exhaust nostrils of the hood, and cool

Air Is Directed To The V-8 Via The Exhaust Nostrils Of The Hood. A new chassis control system, among other

Improvements, Has Been Implemented In The SF90 XX's Electronic Systems. A coupe will cost you more than

$844,000, While A Spider Will Cost You Around $932,000. There is a high level of collectability associated with

The SF90 XX Since It Is A Limited Edition Model.