GMC's 2024 Hummer EV SUV is a more striking example of the previous Hummer model, even more so than the pickup.

A wheelbase of 126.7 inches is still available for the 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV, even though

Its Wheelbase Is 8.9 Inches Shorter Than That Of The Pickup. A total of 20 battery modules are integrated into the

SUV's Floor, And A Capacity Of 177.3 KW Is Expected To Provide A Driving Range Of At Least 250 Miles.

The Hummer SUV is equipped with a three-motor powertrain producing 830 horsepower. There

Will Also Be A Two-Motor Version With 625 Horsepower Available In The Future. GMC claims 3.5 seconds to

Reach 60 Mph In Watts To Freedom (Or WTF), Its Launch-Control Mode. In addition to the 13.4-inch

Touchscreen, The Hummer SUV Is Equipped With Physical Switches. Hummer SUVs have a tighter

Turning Circle Than Chevy Bolt EUVs Because Of Their Four-Wheel Steering. It is estimated that the 170.0-kWh battery

Will Offer A Range Of Up To 314 Miles, However, In Our Highway Test At 75 Mph, The 170.0-KWh

Battery Delivered A Range Of 250 Miles. In any chassis you choose, you will receive air springs

That Offer A Travel Of 13.0 Inches And A Clearance Of Up To 16.0 Inches.