A production version of the Tesla Cybertruck concept vehicle, which was unveiled in 2019, will be available in 2024.

Located in Austin, Texas, Tesla's new factory will manufacture the vehicle.

The Cybertruck will measure 231.7 inches in length and 79.8 inches in width, making it larger than a Ford F-150.

Based on Tesla's estimates, it will be able to travel as far as 500 miles on a single charge.

There will be three different motor configurations available on the Cybertruck, including a single-

Motor, A Twin Motor, And A Triple Motor. Towing capacities will range from 7,500 to 14,000 pounds on the base-

Model And The Top-Of-The-Line Model. For a single-motor Cybertruck, the starting price will be $39,900.

A bulletproof glass windshield and an angular stainless-steel body will provide the vehicle with a unique design.

A 17-inch touchscreen display will be featured in the interior of the vehicle.

Several advanced technologies will be included in the Cybertruck, such as Autopilot and self-driving capabilities.

Deliveries of the Cybertruck are scheduled to begin in 2023. Production is scheduled to begin in 2022.

Besides the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Cybertruck will-

Compete With Other Electric Pickup Trucks.