GR86 2024 Trueno Edition is a special-edition sports car from Toyota. AE86 Sprinter Trueno Edition pays tribute

To An Iconic 1980s Model. With black accents, this color scheme is available in two colors (white and red)

The exterior and interior of the vehicle are decorated with special badges and Trueno logos

There are only 860 units available in the United States. Stitching and accents on the interior are made from red leather

Trueno Edition and other GR86 models of 2024 are available with a performance package

It is equipped with Sachs dampers and Brembo brakes with larger rotor diameters as part

Of Its Performance Package. There is the possibility of retrofitting the performance

Package To Existing 2022 And 2023 GR86 Models With 18-Inch Wheels. The GR86 with manual

With Driver Assist Systems. A number of features have been added to models with manual transmissions,

Including Adaptive Cruise Control And Lane Departure Warning. There is no information on the price and new

Options For The 2024 GR86 At This Time. It is anticipated that the product will be available later this year.