Before its official launch later this year, Volkswagen unveiled a QR-code-inspired camouflage

For The Third Generation Of The Tiguan. With the redesigned model, the bodywork has been curved, the

Fenders Have Been Sculpted, And The Shoulders Have Been Toned. There are also options for IQ Light HD

Matrix Headlights and a full-width LED bar. The Tiguan's front end adopts styling cues from the ID range.

An integrated full-width reflector is integrated into the bumper of the SUV, which features

Nivus-Style Taillights. A 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system sourced from the ID.7

Is Located In The Interior Of The New Tiguan, Featuring Illuminated Sliders And Shortcut Buttons.

In comparison with the previous model, the new Tiguan provides more headroom and a larger boot.

Its dimensions are 4,551mm length, 1,939mm width, and 1,640mm height and is based on a MQB Evo architecture.

Two eHybrid plug-in hybrid plug-in hybrids are available, in addition to a mild hybrid 1.5 eTSI

Petrol, A 2.0 TSI Petrol, And A 2.0 TDI Diesel. A PHEV model features a larger 18.5 kWh battery and has a

Range Of Approximately 100 Kilometers (62 Miles). A North American version of the ICE-powered

Tiguan Will Be Unveiled In The Second Quarter Of 2024.