Forester SUVs will be available in a hybrid version in 2026, according to Subaru.

In the mid-2020s, Subaru plans to electrify its entire product line, including the hybrid Forester.

Subaru's Crosstrek Hybrid is based on the Toyota hybrid system, and the-

Forester Hybrid Will Likely Use The Same Technology.

An engine with 148 horsepower is combined with two electric motors in the Crosstrek Hybrid.

In comparison to the Crosstrek hybrid, the Forester hybrid is likely to offer more power.

In addition to all-wheel drive, the Forester hybrid is likely to come with the standard Forester all-wheel drive system.

Subaru's Indiana plant will be responsible for building the hybrid Forester.

Pricing information for the hybrid Forester has not yet been released by Subaru.

There's a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and a Honda CR-V Hybrid, but the Forester hybrid will compete with them.

Subaru has already introduced hybrid versions of the Crosstrek and the Impreza.

In the first half of the 2030s, Subaru plans to introduce an electric SUV.