Wireless charging for smartphones is common, and many new cars have built-in wireless charging pads.

The first inductive-charging road in North America has been unveiled in Detroit, Michigan.

Developed by Israeli company Electron, known for EV-charging roads in Israel and Europe.

Specialized coils beneath the asphalt wirelessly charge compatible vehicles while driving.

A quarter-mile stretch in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood equipped with wireless charging technology.

Coils connect to power-managing hubs along the road; receivers beneath EVs absorb power.

Automakers need to collaborate with Electreon to have receivers installed on vehicles.

Current focus on public buses and last-mile delivery vehicles.

Practical and cost-efficient approach, targeting locations with longer stationary periods-

For More Effective Charging. Stoplights and bus stops are seen as ideal locations.Chargers

At Intersections Offer More Charging Time As Vehicles Stay Stationary.

Electreon demonstrated the technology with a Ford E-Transit on the newly equipped road.

Charging Rate Reached As High As 19 Kilowatts During The Presentation.