In recent years, Aston Martin has experienced various obstacles, including a badly received IPO, CEO

Changes, And Multiple Co-Owners. Aston Martin has teamed up with Lucid to create electric vehicles

(EVs), With The First Model Set To Debut In 2025. The arrangement comprises a $132 million cash investment to

Lucid And A $100 Million 3.7 Percent Stake In Aston Martin. Lucid will supply Aston Martin with at least $225 million

In Powertrain Components. The prior arrangement between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz for EV development

Has Been Supplanted By The Agreement With Lucid, However The Relationship For Combustion And

Hybrid Powertrains Will Remain. Aston Martin previously attempted to construct an EV with the RapidE

Vehicle, But Only One Demonstrator Was Built. Lucid's experience in electric-motor technology provides Aston

Martin With Potential Performance Advantages As Well As A Shortcut To Compete With

Luxury Rivals Developing Electric Cars. In partnership with its Formula One team, Aston Martin is

Developing Front Motors, An Active Drag Reduction Method, And A Quad-Motor Arrangement For

Torque Vectoring And Potential Power Output Above 1500 Horsepower. Aston Martin will update its retail experience

By Building Flagship Locations, The First Of Which Will Be In New York.