An Edizione Nino Farina variant of Pininfarina's wild all-electric Battista hypercar has been unveiled. Giuseppe

"Nino" Farina was the first Formula One world champion and it is limited to just five examples.

The first Formula 1 championship was won by Nino Farina, the nephew of Pininfarina founder Battista 'Pinin' Farina.

The Five Cars Dedicated To Farina's Legacy Are Distinguished By Particular Door Sill Plates That Highlight Specific

Achievements In His Career. Each Of The Five Cars Features A Distinguishing Design That Makes

It Easy To Identify Them As A Tribute To Farina. In addition to the gold wheels, each side of the car is

Adorned With "01" Decals. A Black Driver's Seat And A Beige Passenger's Seat Are Both Made From "Sustainable"

Leather. As Well As Alcantara Trim, The Seats Are Adorned With The Name "Nino Farina". Combined, the motors produce

1900 Horsepower And 1725 Pounds Feet Of Torque, Giving The Car A 0-60 Time Of 1.79 Seconds And A Top

Speed Of 217 Miles Per Hour. Until Rimac's Nevera stole that title in May, the Battista was capable of ripping the

Quarter-Mile In Just 8.55 Seconds. Goodwood Festival of Speed, going on July 13-16, will be the debut of Battista Edizione

Nino Farina. Nick Heidfeld, A Former Formula One Driver And Former Champion Of The Goodwood Hillclimb,

Will Drive It Up The Hill. There are four independent electric motors