As a result of a safety concern related to the cruise control system located in BMW of North America's iX

XDrive50 And IX M60 Electric SUVs, Approximately 11,180 Units Have Been Recalled.

During low speed steering, the issue arises as you turn the steering wheel. This increases the risk of the cruise

Control Button Becoming Unintentionally Pressed. The driver can choose to disable the cruise control system by

Braking Or Pressing The On/Off Button In Order To Avoid Unexpected Acceleration Or Deceleration As A

Result Of This Complication. More than 14,000 BMW EVs were recalled earlier this year, including about 5,000 iX SUVs, due

To A Problem With High-Voltage Batteries Short-Circuiting And Debris Entering Batteries.

Until the issues could be resolved through recalls, BMW implemented a Stop Drive order on affected vehicles.

Owners of BMW vehicles will be notified about the software update required to resolve the current cruise

Control Problem In July. To determine if their vehicle is subject to the recall, owners can visit the NHTSA's recall website.