The company delivered 50 aircraft to customers last month, an increase over the 35 it delivered in April, but

It Still Trails Rival Airbus In Terms Of Deliveries So Far This Year As The Paris Air Show Approaches.

Eight 787 Dreamliners were delivered as part of this shipment. Due to the improvement in international travel, Boeing has

Announced A New Manufacturing Flaw That Will Slow Near-Term Deliveries Of Its Wide-Body Planes.

This Is The Second Time The Company Has Disclosed A Manufacturing Flaw This Year.

Airbus has delivered 244 planes in the first five months of the year, compared with Boeing's 206 deliveries.

As a result of the Covid pandemic, both Boeing and Airbus plan to increase production of new aircraft.

A Boeing plane was ordered by the Arlington, Virginia, based company in May, an increase from 34 planes

Ordered In April. With 11 Cancellations, 58 Planes Were Sold, Most Of Which Were 737 Max Aircraft.

Boeing, Airbus, and other aerospace manufacturers will participate in the Paris Air Show beginning Monday,

When They Will Meet With Customers And Possibly Announce Additional Orders. This Will Be The First In-Person

Presentation Of The Paris Air Show Since The Outbreak Of The Deadly Influenza Pandemic In 2009.