It is a surprising and frightening experience for anyone who has ever experienced

The Loss Of Power Braking At The Worst Possible Time. For those owners of Kia Sportages who own 98,944 units,

The News That The Automaker Will Soon Be Repairing A Problem Which Affects Their Brake

Booster Diaphragm Will Come As A Great Relief To Them. A diagnostic trouble code was the first thing that

Led Us To Discover The Issue. The Engine Of A 2023 Sportage Suffered A Vacuum Leak Within The Brake

Booster, Which Caused The Engine To Run Lean And Cause A Poor Fuel Economy. After investigating the

Problem, Kia Determined That A Gap In The Brake Booster's Shell May Have Allowed The Diaphragm To Slip Out Of Position,

Thus Causing The Vacuum Leak. According To The Automaker's Investigation, 73 Customers Reported

A Hard Brake Pedal As A Result Of This Problem. If this happens, the driver may suddenly have to apply a

Considerable Amount Of Force To The Brake Pedal In Order To Slow Down The Vehicle, And He/She May Have To Do

So In A Hurry. If This Were To Happen, We Could See An Increase In Stopping Distances, As Well As An Increase In Accident Risks.

On July 21, Kia will begin reaching out to owners of the 2023 Sportage, asking them to bring their vehicles

To A Kia Dealership In Their Neighborhood So That A Repair Can Be Performed.