The ChatGPT artificial intelligence bot has now been integrated into the voice control

Of Mercedes-Benz Vehicles As Part Of A Three-Month Beta Program. More than 900,000 vehicles equipped with the

MBUX Infotainment System Are Available With The Feature. US Drivers Can Choose To Opt In To The Feature.

Since the program uses Microsoft's cloud and artificial intelligence program, it is a collaboration with the company.

Using a series of natural dialogues and follow-up questions, the program is intended

To Support Conversations, Schäfer Explained. Current voice assistants can provide information about sports,

Weather, And Surroundings As Well As Control Smart Home Technology. With ChatGPT, natural language

Understanding Is Improved And Topics Can Be Expanded By Leveraging A Large Language Model.

In order to participate, you can either download the Mercedes me app on your smartphone or use the voice

Command "Hey Mercedes, I'd Like To Join The Beta Program" When You Are Driving Your Vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Cloud will collect and store voice command data, which is anonymized and

Analyzed. Following The Completion Of The Three-Month Beta Program, Mercedes-Benz Developers Will Set

Priorities And Make Improvements To The Voice Assistant As A Result Of The Findings.