In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Air Lines (DAL.N) has announced that it will resume paying a

Quarterly Dividend. The Airline Suspended Dividend Payments In March 2020.

Shareholders whose shares were recorded as of the end of business on July 17 will receive a

$0.10 Dividend On Aug. 7. After suspending its quarterly dividend in the aftermath of the pandemic for more than two

Years, Southwest Airlines (LUV.N) Reinstated It In December. In addition to more than $10 billion of debt repayments

Over The Past Two Years, Delta's Resumption Of Its Payout Reflects Its Progress On Its Three-Year Financial Plan.

As a result of Delta's adoption of this policy, the company is forecasting higher-than-expected profit

For Its Quarter Through June As A Result Of Strong Summer Travel Demand. Airlines were prohibited from paying

Dividends Or Repurchasing Stock During The COVID-19 Pandemic As A Condition Of Receiving $54 Billion

Of Government Assistance. As of last fall, those restrictions were no longer in effect. A total of $11.9

Billion Was Provided By The United States To Delta Air Lines. It was Delta's 27th consecutive

Dividend In March 2020, When It Paid A Dividend Of $0.4025 Per Share.