It has been reported that 50 people have been killed at Dollar General stores nationwide since

2014  And Frustrated Employees Demonstrated Outside Dollar General's

Headquarters On Wednesday To Demand That Their Workplaces Be Made Safer.

Kenya Slaughter, an employee based in Louisiana, told WZTV that people are afraid to go to work. Every

Other Day, People Are Subjected To Gun Attacks. There Have Been Robberies Committed At Gunpoint."

“Shareholders are concerned because Dollar General's leaders are not looking

Out For Their Safety,” Williams Said. In the past couple of years, the company has expanded so fast

And Recklessly That I Could Face A Rat Infestation On Any Given Day, A Door That Won't Lock, Or

Someone Pointing A Gun At Me Without Any Security In Place To Protect Me. According to

Williams, One Employee Can Frequently Be Left Alone At Night In Areas Where

Robberies Are Common, Citing Federal Violations. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Fines Totaling More Than $21 Million Have Been Issued To The Company For Numerous Safety Violations.

According to the Economic Policy Institute and the Shift Project, the majority of workers

Make Less Than $15 Per Hour At The Company. As reported by CNN, the company has approximately

19,000 Stores In The United States And Approximately 160,000 Employees.