The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Alef Aeronautics' flying car a special airworthiness

Certification, Which Will Allow The Company To Examine The Vehicle On The Ground And In The Air. 

In addition to being a low-speed vehicle with a hydrogen option available at an additional cost, the fully electric vehicle

Can Also Be Launched Vertically Into The Air With A Flying Range Of 110 Miles And Can Be Driven Up To 200

Miles On Public Roads And Fit Into A Standard Garage. Using the company's "Model A" vehicle, drivers will be able to "fly

Forward Above Obstacles Until They Reach Their Intended Destination," The Company Claims. There Is A Unique

Gimbaled Rotating Cabin Design That Stabilizes The Driver And The Cabin.". it can fly in any direction, avoid

Traffic, And Provide A "Cinematic 180-Degree View For Safe And Enjoyable Flights." It is anticipated that the

Vehicle Will Cost Approximately $300,000. Customers Are Able To Preorder It. The Vehicle Can Seat Up To Two People.

Using this certificate, the aircraft may be used for limited purposes, such as exhibitions, research, and development.

 FAA Special Airworthiness Certificates Have Been Issued For Aircraft Of This Type In The Past.

A number of preorders have already been received from individuals and businesses since Alef

Initially Unveiled The Car Last October. An electric vehicle takeoff and landing policy is being developed by the FAA