On Tuesday, Ford confirmed to FOX Business that it will engage in another round of layoffs this

Week Affecting Jobs In The United States And Canada. Despite Ford not disclosing the number of jobs to be lost, it

Spokeswoman T.R. According To Reid, The Action Is A Direct Consequence Of Ford's Growth Plan Introduced In 2021,

Which It Has Been Increasingly Implementing In Recent Months. He noted that in order to fulfill the plan,

Staffing Levels Will Have To Be Adjusted In Accordance With Focused Priorities And Ambitions, While Quality Will Be

Improved And Costs Will Be Reduced. Those affected by this restructuring will receive severance compensation and

Benefits, As Well As Significant Assistance In Finding New Employment Opportunities.

This manufacturer, based in Detroit, announced in May that it expected to incur restructuring charges of between

$1.5 Billion And $2 Billion By The End Of 2023. The automaker announced earlier this year it would

Reduce Its European Workforce By 3,800 Employees. Ford has been forced to recall millions of

Vehicles Amid Reports Of Future Job Cuts, Including Trucks And SUVs With Incorrect Owner's Manuals,

As Well As Cars That Have Engine Fires And Defective Seat Belts. Although the automaker experienced a

Setback, The Company Reported That Truck Sales Soared In May And That Its Electric

Pickup Truck, The F-150 Lightning, Was Exported To Norway For The First Time.