Earlier this week, Ford Motor Company announced that it would be expanding a previously

Announced Recall To Cover 125,000 Trucks And Sport Utility Vehicles Because Of Engine Failures That Could Cause A Fire.

There were 23 reported incidents of fire or smoke related to a suspected block or oil pan breach,

Which Led To The July 2022 Recall Of 100,000 Escape, Corsair, And Maverick Trucks In The United States.

In a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Ford stated that the new recall

Fix Has Been Developed And Will Affect Escape SUVs, Lincoln Corsair SUVs And Maverick

Compact Pickup Trucks With 2.5L Hybrid Or Plug-In Hybrid Engines From 2020 To 2023.

It has been reported that isolated engine manufacturing issues can cause the engine to fail

Prematurely, Releasing Engine Oil Or Fuel Vapors, Increasing The Risk Of Fire And Injury In The Process.

It has been advised that owners should park their cars with the engine off and shut the engine

Down If They Hear Unexpected Noises From Their Engines, Notice A Reduction In Their Vehicle's

Power, Or See Smoke Coming From The Vehicle.