A report states that Ford is reducing the production of the Lightning pickup truck

There has been a reduction in the production of Ford's electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning.

Due to a shortage of semiconductors worldwide, the reduction has occurred.

A new Ford vehicle that is important to the company is the Lightning F-150.

Thousands of reservations have been made since the truck launched.

According to Ford, it plans to produce 80,000 Lightning F-150s in 2022.

The impact of production reductions on that target is unclear.

For months, the auto industry has been affected by the semiconductor shortage.

Production has been cut and certain models have been prioritized by automakers.

In addition to the pandemic, supply chain disruptions are contributing to the shortage.

This shortage is being mitigated by Ford, according to the company.

2022 will be the launch date for the F-150 Lightning.

Production reductions might impact that timeline, but it's unclear.