In early January, General Motors is planning to lay off 1,300 workers at two Michigan auto factories.

A total of 945 employees will be laid off at the largest US automaker's Orion Assembly plant,

Which Will Convert To Electric Truck Production, Which Is Scheduled To Begin In Late 2025,

As It Plans To End Production Of The Chevrolet Bolt EV Shortly.

In addition to the 350 employees laid off, the Lansing Grand River plant will also cease

Producing The Cadillac CT4 And Cadillac CT5 As Chevrolet Camaro Production Ceases.

According to GM, affected hourly employees will receive offers of employment at other plants.

As of Friday's close, GM shares were down 1.4% at $35.73. All production workers at the

Orion Plant Will Be Affected By The Layoff As GM Announced In October It Would Delay Production

Of Electric Pickups There By A Year. Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra electric vehicles will be produced at the

Detroit Automaker's Suburban Plant In Late 2024. According to Ford, starting in January 2024, the company plans to

Build 1,600 Electric F-150 Lightning EV Trucks Per Week, Roughly Half Of Its Previous Plan Of 3,200.