Seven people were injured while flying from Honolulu to Sydney on Hawaiian Airlines after the

Aircraft Encountered Severe Turbulence. Approximately five hours into the flight, the plane encountered

“Unexpected Severe Turbulence,” Said An Airline Statement. The Aircraft Was Carrying 163 Passengers And 12 Crew Members.

A medical team from the airport assessed three injured passengers upon arrival in Sydney, the airline

Announced On Monday. "Further Evaluations" Have Been Recommended For One Passenger And Three Flight Attendants.

"We thank Sydney airport, first responders, for their swift assistance as we continue to care for our passengers

And Crew Affected By This Turbulence." On a Hawaiian Airlines flight last year, 25 people suffered injuries as

A Result Of Severe Turbulence. A Total Of Four Passengers Were Seriously Injured, Along With Two Members Of

The Crew. There Were Minor Damages To The Plane As A Result Of The Crash. Seven people have been injured in a

Tel Aviv Attack As Israel Continues To Conduct A Major Military Raid In The West Bank. An Investigation By 

the National Transportation Safety Board found that the captain of the Phoenix-Honolulu flight

reported that conditions on the flight were smooth, with clear skies when a cloud shot up in front of the plane.