There has been a recall announced by Honda and Acura affecting several models as a result of a brake issue that

Could Compromise The Strength Or Efficiency Of The Brakes. There Are Three Honda Civic (2020–2021), Four

Honda Passport (2021–2023), Four Honda Pilot (2021–2022), And Three Acura Ridgeline (2020–2023)

Models That Are Included In This Recall, As Well As One Acura MDX Model (2020). It has been reported 

That The Problem With The Brake Booster's Tie Rod Fastener Has Been Attributed To The Incorrect Assembly Of The Fastener 

That Connects The Brake Master Cylinder To The Brake Booster, As Indicated In The Official Recall Report Filed With

 NHTSA. There Are Documents That Explain That When The Brakes Are Applied, The Tie Rod Studs May Break And, As A

Result, The Brake Booster May Separate From The Master Cylinder When The Brakes Are Applied. It Is Possible That The Brakes Will Be

Weakened Or Fail Completely As A Result Of This Manufacturing Defect, Increasing The Risk Of A Collision.

A Honda spokesperson reports that the company has received two warranty claims regarding this

Issue, But No Accidents Or Injuries Have Been Reported. Honda Will Send Recall Notices To Owners In August If Their

Vehicle Is Included In The Recall. Owners Can Check The NHTSA Recalls Website To Determine Whether

Their Vehicle Is Included In The Recall.