AS SOON AS 2024, HYUNDAI AND AMAZON will launch a platform for selling cars online

A partnership between Hyundai and Amazon is scheduled to launch by 2024 to facilitate the sale of cars online.

Amazon will have the capability of selling Hyundai vehicles and scheduling test drives through the platform.

As a result of the partnership, the car-buying process will be streamlined and made more user-friendly.

The vehicles will be provided by Hyundai, and Amazon will handle the logistics of online sales and delivery.

There is a possibility that the platform may be extended to other markets in the future.

Various projects have been developed between Hyundai and Amazon since 2019, including the-

Creation Of A Virtual Showroom And The Integration Of Alexa. Both companies will-

Be Launching An Online Sales Platform For Cars. In embracing digital sales channels and expanding its

Customer Base, Hyundai Has Formed The Partnership As Part Of Its Overall Business Strategy.

Throughout 2016, Amazon launched a car comparison and research site in an effort to increase its presence in the automotive industry.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers are choosing to shop for their automobiles online.

A seamless and contactless purchasing experience will be provided by the online car sales platform.

In the future, more online car sales platforms will emerge as a result of the Hyundai-Amazon partnership.