There have been no merger discussions between Intelsat and SES, the U.S. satellite communications giant.

The main reason for ending the discussion was differences over business priorities.

As compared to Intelsat operating independently, there was uncertainty regarding whether

The Merger Would Improve The Company's Value. By merging, the U.S. and European businesses would

Have Generated Over $10 Billion In Revenue. In the satellite communications market, both companies are

Facing Pressure As Video Broadcasts Are Being Replaced By Data Services. In less than three years, SpaceX has

Gained Over 1.5 Million Customers With Its Starlink Business. According to Intelsat, they regularly engage in

Strategic Discussions, But Do Not Discuss The Content Or Outcome Of Those Conversations.

In response to the request for comment, SES has not yet responded. SES announced on the last day of this month that CEO

Steve Collar Would Be Leaving The Company, Shocking The Industry With His Departure.

Over the past 20 years, Steve Collar has worked for SES.