The coil springs of Jeep Grand Cherokees manufactured in 2021 through 2023 are likely to be recalled soon.

In a report published by Stellantis, it was found that rear coil springs were incorrectly installed

on 331,401 Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L models. A total of 217,099 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ls and 114,302 Jeep

Grand Cherokee SUVs Are Included In The Recall. Air Suspension Is Not Available On Grand Cherokees With The 

air suspension option. In addition to the two customer assistance records, 17 warranty claims, and two field 

reports that could be related to the issue at the time of the May 25, the automaker was made aware of.

The Malfunctioning Springs Have Not Been Reported To Have Caused Any Accidents Or Injuries

As A Direct Result Of Them. It Is Estimated That Only About 13 Percent Of The 331,401 Recalled Vehicles

Are Likely To Be Affected By The Problem, And That The Problem Is Not Likely To Occur In Grand Cherokees

That Were Built After May 31. As Soon As Stellantis Becomes Aware Of The Current Recall, It Will Send

Notifications To Owners. During its manufacturing in May 2023, a "potentially out-of-position rear

Coil Spring" Was Identified As An Issue By The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

 This Could Cause The Spring To Detach While The Vehicle Is In Motion. Loss Of Control And

Increased Accident Risk Could Result From The Separation.