An investigation into a report of a small, black, flexible thread-like material found in a

Johnsonville Sausage Link Has Resulted In The Recall Of More Than 40,000 Pounds Of Sausage Links.

According to a company statement, 14 oz. A voluntary recall has been issued for packages of

"Beddar With Cheddar Smoked Sausage". It is estimated that 42,062 pounds of links may be affected by this

Recall, Which Affects 4,807 Cases. In addition to Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado,

Oklahoma And Texas, The Smoked Sausage Links Were Shipped To 10 Retailers'

Warehouses In Eight Other States As Well. FSIS (Food Safety & Inspection Service) believes that the small size and

Flexibility Of The Material Make It Unlikely To Cause Adverse Health Effects If Consumed.

Retail partners of Johnsonville have been advised to remove the affected product immediately from their stores.

The Consumer Relations team at Johnsonville can be contacted at 888-556-2728 or by

Completing A Brief Form Located On Johnsonville's Website Under "Contact Us.".