Over 350 Lincoln Nautilus SUVs have been recalled due to malfunctioning shock absorbers.

Several components within the vehicle can be damaged as a result of overextending

These Shocks, Including The Speed Sensor, ABS Sensor, And Brake Lines. In early March, Ford announced that some rear shocks

Had Been Overextended At The Oakville Assembly Complex. A Measurement Of The Continuous

Controlled Damping Shocks Indicated That They Were Overextending By 27 Mm.

If Any New Nautilus With CCD Shocks Is Sold, Ford Has Issued A Stop-Ship Order And Begun A Full Investigation

Into The Matter. There Were 72 Correct Rear Shocks And 21 Left Rear Shocks With This Problem In The

90 Vehicles Tested By The Company. In order to detect the problem, owners should be aware of a number of

Possible Clues. This Over-Traveling Shock May Be Responsible For The ABS Or ESC Lights Appearing On The Dashboard. This

Condition May Also Be Indicated By Unusual Noise Or Vibration Occurring At The Rear End Of The SUV.

Lincoln will replace the shocks and repair any damage if the technician determines they are defective. 

A Person May Also Use The VIN Number Provided By Their Vehicle To Search

On NHTSA.Gov Or Contact The NHTSA Directly At 1-800-424-9153.