Target is reportedly conducting a trial with a 10-item limit for self-checkout registers.

The implementation is aimed at better understanding customer preferences and reducing wait times at the checkout.

Customers with more than 10 items will be directed to a full-service lane with a cashier.

The item limit trial is currently taking place at a small number of locations among-

Target's 1,950 Total Stores Across America. FOX Business has reached out to Target for additional-

Comments On This New Policy. Reports of the 10-item limit surfaced in October, with certain Maine stores allegedly already enforcing it.

Target has offered self-checkout options to customers for several years.

During the third-quarter earnings call, COO John Mulligan highlighted the company's focus on improving-

The Front-End Experience. The goal is to provide consistently great service through in-store checkout,-

Drive-Up, And In-Store Pickup. The company has seen a more than 6 percentage point increase in the usage of full-

Service Lanes Across The Chain. Target's revenue for the first three quarters of the year is $74.34 billion, down 2.87%

Compared To The Same Period Last Year. Net earnings in the first three quarters increased

By 44.7% Year-Over-Year, Reaching $2.76 Billion.