Approximately 2,800 Southwest Airlines employees are covered by a tentative agreement between

The Company And The Mechanics' Union. Finalization of the agreement requires the approval of the workers.

It is not known what the terms of the agreement are, but they will be disclosed shortly. AMTs and related

Professionals Are Supported By The Union With A View To Protecting Their Work, Raising Their Standards, And

Increasing Their Recognition. There are ongoing negotiations between the airline and its pilots and flight attendants

Concerning New Contracts. An earlier tentative agreement between the executive board and

The Flight Attendants' Union Was Rejected. A number of workers in various industries have engaged in

Strikes To Demand Better Compensation And Working Conditions. A dispute over Pride Month decorations has led

Starbucks Workers In Seattle To Announce A Strike. If a new labor agreement cannot be reached, UPS Teamsters have

Approved A Strike Authorization. There was a nearly 1% decline in Southwest Airlines shares on Friday.