The Edgy Ev Now Starts At $60,990; Tesla Begins Delivery Of Cybertrucks To Customers

Customers are starting to get their Cybertrucks

Starts at $60,990 for the electric pickup truck

A unique, edgy design makes the Cybertruck stand out

You can go up to 500 miles on a single charge

Up to 14,000 pounds can be towed

It can carry 3,500 pounds starting payload

There's an exoskeleton made of stainless steel on the Cybertruck

Additionally, it has armored glass. More than 1 million people have pre-ordered the truck

2022 is when production will start on the Cybertruck

Despite its durability and design, the Cybertruck has received criticism

'The Spy Who Loved Me'' Lotus Esprit inspired Tesla CEO Elon Musk's truck's design