This is an unusual collaborative effort between Ford Motor and Tesla on charging

infrastructure for Ford's current and future electric vehicles. Starting early next year, Ford owners will be able

To Use More Than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers Throughout The U.S. And Canada By Using An Adapter.

CEOs Jim Farley of Ford and Elon Musk of Tesla announced the initiatives during a live, audio

Discussion On Twitter Spaces. The Announcements Are Being Made At A Time When Ford Is

Preparing To Ramp Up Production Of Its Fully Electric Vehicles In An Effort To Catch Up To Or Eventually Surpass

Tesla's Sales In This Market Segment. Although Tesla continues to lead the EV sector by far, Ford ranked second

In U.S. Fully Electric Vehicle Sales, Selling 61,575 Electric Vehicles Last Year. During Tesla's first-quarter

Shareholder Meeting, The Company Announced That It Has Approximately 45,000 Supercharger

Connectors At 4,947 Supercharger Stations Worldwide. Ford will begin production of its electric version of

Its Consistently Popular F-150 Truck, The Lightning, In April 2022, Beating Tesla To The Pickup Segment.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover was also heavily benchmarked against the Tesla

Model Y, And Ford Followed Tesla's Lead In Reducing The Price Of Its Electric Crossover Models.