There will be a pay increase for employees assigned to the Nevada GiGAfactory in January by Tesla

To increase the wages of its hourly employees at its Nevada Gigafactory, Tesla will increase their hourly wage rates.

In January, the pay increase will become effective. Tesla has been criticized for worker safety and pay in recent years.

The company accuses employees of underpaying and overworking. These allegations have been denied by Tesla.

A pay increase will be implemented at the Gigafactory that will affect approximately 7,000 employees.

It has not been disclosed how much the pay increase will be.

The treatment of Tesla's employees has previously been criticized.

Employees who attempted to unionize have been accused of being fired by the company.

The company has also been criticized for several workplace injuries.

Some view the pay increase positively, but others don't.

Employees and working conditions need to be improved at Tesla, say critics.