Earlier this month, Qantas announced the launch of long-haul flights from New York to Sydney with a stop over at

Auckland On The Way, And Plans To Begin Non-Stop Flights From Sydney To New York And London In The Coming Months.

It is hoped that the new routes will significantly reduce travel time by over three hours when compared to flights

With Layovers On Previous Routes. With the assistance of sleep scientists, Qantas has developed a plan for

Reducing The Effects Of Jet Lag On Long Flights Through The Adjustment Of Meal Service And Cabin Lighting.

Airbus A350-1000 planes with a seating capacity of 238 are scheduled to be used for the

Nonstop Flights From Late 2025 Onwards. There will be first class suites in all planes, business class suites in all

Planes, And Premium Economy Seats In All Planes, As Well As A Wellness Zone, Which Can Be Used For

Stretching And Exercising On Board. By March, Qantas expects to be able to fully regain its international capacity, and it has

Already Placed An Order For 12 Of The Special Planes. Technically, ultra-long-haul flights can be accomplished, but

They Are Facing Significant Economic Problems As Well. Currently, New York's John F. Kennedy

International Airport And Singapore's Changi Airport Are Home To The World's Longest Flight.