Employees at Walmart's first high-tech Market Fulfillment Center are benefitting

From The Assistance Of A New Co-Worker. Nick Berkeley, senior vice president of operations for

Walmart's Southeast Region, Believes That Alphabot Is Complementing And Even Creating

New Jobs Rather Than Eliminating Them. Walmart is leveraging a proprietary storage and retrieval system

That Helps Walmart Associates Process Online Grocery Pickups And Deliveries More Efficiently.

It is part of the company's continuing efforts to use its stores as fulfillment centers so as to improve

The Shopping Experience For Its Employees And Customers Alike. The First Market

Fulfillment Center Is Currently Under Construction In Bentonville. Alphabot is an automated

System That Retrieves Items From The Fulfillment Center's Storage System And Brings Them To A Picking

Station Where An Associate Can Pick Them Up. Inventory Is Maintained Separately From

The Store Floor By The System. Picking stations are equipped with "pick to light" technology, which

Uses Lights To Guide The Associate Through The Picking Process So That He Or She Can Pick The

Correct Item And Place It In The Correct Bag. the system reduces congestion in the

Store By Reducing The Number Of Shoppers On The Floor With Trolleys.