5 Ways to Turn Off Read Receipts on WhatsApp

Turn Off Read Receipts on WhatsApp: The blue ticks on WhatsApp, often read receipts, have become standard in modern communication.

They are a simple but helpful feature that alerts senders when their message has been read.

However, only some people value this level of transparency, especially in a society where privacy is paramount.

If you value your privacy or prefer not to feel compelled to respond quickly, you may question, “Can I turn off read receipts on WhatsApp?“.

Fortunately, this is absolutely achievable, and here are five ways to reclaim your message privacy.

5 Ways to Turn Off Read Receipts on WhatsApp

What are read receipts?

  • When you send a text, a single tick appears next to the message, showing that it was sent from your end.
  • When you see another tick next to a text message, it signifies the recipient has received it.
  • When both ticks become blue, the recipient has read the message.

1. Disable Read Receipts in Settings

The most direct way to disable read receipts on WhatsApp is through the app itself.

  • Open WhatsApp: Launch WhatsApp and tap on the three-dotted menu at the top right corner.
  • Settings: From the menu, head to Settings.
  • Account: Tap on Account.
  • Privacy: Select Privacy.
  • Read Receipts: Scroll down and uncheck Read receipts.

When this is disabled, you will no longer be able to send or receive read receipts.

If you still want to view other people’s read statuses, there is no middle ground within the app.

2. The Airplane Mode Trick

Read incoming WhatsApp messages without getting a read receipt with this clever trick. Sometimes I use this trick. 😅

  • Wait for a Message: Wait until you receive a message and see it in your notification bar.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode: Instead of opening WhatsApp, turn on Airplane Mode on your device.
  • Read the Message: Return to WhatsApp and read the message without any read receipts being sent.
  • Close WhatsApp: After reading, close WhatsApp completely. Ensure it’s not running in the background.
  • Turn off Airplane Mode: Finally, you can turn Airplane Mode off. Your message will have been read without the blue ticks appearing.

This trick is quite handy but can be Inconvenient, if you’re dealing with multiple messages.

Additionally, it doesn’t work on groups, as the app will sync and send read receipts once you come back online.

3. Third-Party Apps

After the airplane mode trick, third-party apps claim to disable read receipts and offer additional control over your WhatsApp usage.

  • Not Replied: A popular privacy app specifically for WhatsApp, it lets you read messages without sending receipts and provides a customizable time window for when your read receipts should be sent.
  •  WhatsApp+ and GB WhatsApp: Modded versions of WhatsApp that offer various privacy and customization options, including turning off read receipts.

Be careful while using third-party applications, since they might pose security issues.

Modded WhatsApp versions may result in account suspensions and/or violations of WhatsApp’s terms of service.

4. WhatsApp Web or Desktop

WhatsApp Web or Desktop allows you to read and respond to messages via your computer without triggering a read receipt on your mobile phone.

  • Access Messages: Log into WhatsApp Web or open the WhatsApp Desktop app.
  • Read and Respond: You can read and answer messages from either platform without read receipts. WhatsApp aligns its read status across all your devices, so it won’t show up on your phone.

Remember that if you’re on the run or would rather text on your phone, this strategy isn’t feasible for you.

5. Pros and Cons of Disabling Read Receipts

It’s crucial to consider the Pros and Cons of every change before making it. These are a handful:


  • Privacy: Enjoy conversing without informing others about your behavior.
  • Reduced Pressure: Without read receipts, you won’t feel as pressured to respond right now.
  • Lowered Annoyance: No more questions on why you haven’t replied when the message was clearly read.


  • Altered Communication: Your friends and family are used to reading receipts and may need time to adjust to your change in status.
  •  Silence That Could Be Misconstrued: If your communications are not read, it may be assumed that the sender is uninterested in communicating.
  •  Potential Downtime for Important Messages: You might miss out on time-sensitive information or opportunities if you consistently delay reading receipts.


Privacy and control over our communications are more important than ever before.

WhatsApp, one of the world’s most popular messaging programs, identified this requirement.

While it does not allow granular control over read receipts, solutions such as the ones outlined above provide users with some level of anonymity in their digital interactions.

Choose the strategy that best meets your requirements, and remember that it’s normal to seek some space in today’s always-connected society.

Whether you deactivate read receipts or not, always speak with the goal of understanding and being understood. After all, isn’t it the whole core of messaging?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Will disabling read receipts affect my ability to see when others have read my messages? 

    When you deactivate read receipts, you won’t be able to know if people have seen your messages, and they won’t be able to see when you’ve read theirs either. WhatsApp has a reciprocal function.

  2. Can I disable read receipts for a specific person instead of everyone? 

    Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not yet enable users to turn off read receipts for individual conversations. The option applies to all contacts and groups.

  3. If I read a message on WhatsApp Web or Desktop, will it show as read on my phone as well? 

    Yes, WhatsApp syncs message updates across all platforms. When you read a message on one device, it will appear as read on all devices where you are signed in.

  4. Are there any exceptions to the rule that disabling read receipts will stop them from appearing on both ends? 

    Yes, read receipts will still be provided for group conversations, regardless of your personal preferences. WhatsApp created an exemption to maintain communication openness inside groups.

  5. Do third-party apps that disable read receipts violate WhatsApp’s terms of service? 

    Using modified versions of WhatsApp or applications meant to interfere with its regular functioning may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service and lead to a ban. you adjust your WhatsApp privacy, be sure you utilize official features and allowed ways.

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